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Aaron Lawlor releases new single 'Van Der Sar'

Fierce and loaded with ironic digs at his home city of Dublin, Aaron Lawlor is back with a dark and dynamic single 'Van Der Sar'. Aaron’s subject matter, accent and lingo stays true to where he’s from, as he pours his own autobiographical detail into the mix. His hazy flows take the listener on an imagined night out in the city, and the hook of the song is dedicated to the renowned Dublin LGTB venue PantiBar.

Discussing 'Van Der Sar' Aaron explains:“It’s about calling out people pretending to be something they’re not. I stand with those who express themselves the way they want and not to be part of a group just because of the fear of being slagged or looked at differently. That’s why I wrote this song.”

Following the release of 'Smooch Smooch Kiss', Aaron's flow is sublime and subject matter illuminating. Compared to the likes of Kojaque, Aaron's truly got a style of his own.



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