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Adam Kneale is back with his new single ‘5:21’

Melbourne producer Adam Kneale has dropped his brand-new record ‘5:21’ which features both J.Rob The Chief and The Crushboys.

It's exactly where Adam shines, with beats full of swagger, an array of instrumentation and insanely catchy vocal hooks.

“5:21 is about a feeling. On NYE 2020 I sat in my friends’ garage watching 30 people dancing to 'Don't Start Now' by Dua Lipa. I decided that the next part of my journey in music was to create music that gave people this same feeling, making them want to get up, dance and feel happy”. Adam explains. “The song is about imagining all the memories you want to create with someone.”

‘5:21’ is the follow up to Adam Kneale’s debut album ‘Blavatnik Building’ where he spent 5 years thoroughly learning the craft of music production and song writing to release the album.

After what’s been a disappointing few years for many around the world due to the global pandemic, Adam Kneale has decided to release music just as Covid restrictions are starting to lift. '5:21' is exactly what people need right now. A song to make you feel happy, together and energized.

You can check out '5:21' right now.



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