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Adria Kain Releases Debut Album 'When Flowers Bloom' & Alt-R&B Has Never Sounded So Good

From the opening track 'Garden Entrance (You Exhist)' its obvious that Adria Kain's debut album 'When Flowers Bloom' is far ore than a straight R&B album. Experimental, inventive and musically mature, it's clear right from the outset that Adria knows how she wants to sound and isn't afraid to push boundaries with her music. 'Ocean (Reprise)' is equally impressive. Expansive, honesty and commercially viable all without using any drums, instead relying on the epic production, layers of synth and impressive guitar lines.

Elsewhere on the album, 'Peace Be Still' offers Mura Masa-esque production under a Arlo Parks-eqsue vocal and guitar line while 'Alone In Kenzo' adds a twist of 90's chillout to Adria's unique R&B sound. Previous single 'Classic' which features guest vocals from Leila Dey shows a poppier side to her repertoire akin to the likes of Ariana Grande before the album enters it's last phase which includes the sultry bop 'Last One' before closing with the gospel packed number 'Garden Exit (To The Ones I've Loved Before)'. A hugely impressive selection of tracks that demonstrates how well Adria knows her sound and what a complete artist she is, 'When Flowers Bloom' is a joy to listen to from start to finish with not a moment which feels out of place. Listen below:

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