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ADVIKA returns to deliver the wondrous new single 'Come Back To Earth'

Ever since she first emerged with her breakthrough debut single 'Black Out The Noise' in 2020, Boston-based artist ADVIKA has always been one to explore a seldom seen dimension to the electro-pop scene. Largely keeping her sound as sparse and sprawling as possible, she has kept up this reputation throughout a flurry of gems ever since. And now she returns to deliver her first piece of new material for 2023, the wondrous new outing 'Come Back To Earth'.

Dabbling in a touch of trip-hop-inspired aesthetics for her latest release, 'Come Back To Earth' makes for a beautifully compelling addition to her ever-growing catalogue of late. With that brilliantly serene vocal performance she is known for spread across a dreamlike production from start to finish, she continues to lure us in to her enigmatic world with this sweeping new delight.

Adding about the new track, she said, "The lyrics describe the deep anguish of gradual separation in a relationship that once held a promise, watching them slowly detach themselves from each other. One holds onto the promise and hopes that the other comes back. And when they do decide to come back, it’s too late. There is nothing left anymore. The strongest bonds can be ephemeral if not cared for and nurtured. The song’s energy builds throughout, going from a mournful call to a realization of the end."

Although her output has not been as prolific as other names in her field recently, 'Come Back To Earth' shows that when she does release something, it is well worth the wait. Finding and developing new ideas throughout her tenure to date, it already feels like the best is still yet to come for this exciting new talent.

Enjoy 'Come Back To Earth' below.

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