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Afro-fusion star Lexxicon returns with vibrant new single 'Power Over Me'

There's often multiple genres that Lexxicon lends himself to when releasing his euphoric, yet intimately soothing tracks. His latest offering is no different and if nothing else, improved, in 'Power Over Me'. The ever relaxing beach sounds of waves and seagulls open the track, then the fusing elements of both synth and beats give the track a unique presence.

Almost pared pack in production, it perfectly suits the whole dynamic and setting, with Lexxicon having the perfect creative and artistic vision for the song. It's beautifully fitting and takes you away to that tropical island we have all been especially longing for recently. Pulling apart the feeling of a relationship in it's absolute peak and highest form, Lexxicon explains:

“After travelling to the island, the couple has time to reflect on how they feel about each other. The song touches on the blinding love that you feel when you’ve found the ‘one’. It’s like nothing else matters because they are all you see, want, and care about. Almost as if, they have this divine control over you. This is a song for those in love or those in the honeymoon stages of their new relationship.”

Listen to 'Power Over Me' now:

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