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Agi Debuts Her Brand New Music Video For 'Crying Past Midnight'

New face in British pop music, Agi, is making waves with her debut music video, Released earlier this month, 'Crying Past Midnight' served as Agi's triumphant introduction to the music scene. With soaring electronics and a delightfully delicate melody throughout, 'Crying Past Midnight' is a breathy yet powerful ballad.

“This song is about an inevitable breakdown of a relationship. Not only is it very personal and close to home, but it also represents the way I want to be as a person”

Translating the thrilling track into the retro influenced visuals has resulted in an at times comical and continuously charming music video. With an array of faces appearing throughout, Agi and co have effortlessly displayed the many, many facets of a breakup. Achieving the ideal that is at the very core of this track.

Agi shared with us her artistic inspiration and influences behind the 'Crying Past Midnight' music video:

“'Crying Past Midnight' with its colourful scheme and vintage filters maintains a light-hearted and fun vibe 'nodding' to the 80’s influences. The series of quirky and fun snapshots show an array of coping mechanisms one deals with when responding to a break down in a relationship. The crew and the cast were amazing making the process of creating this video pure joy!”

This remarkable track, and the subsequent music video, has served as an unforgettable launch of what is sure to be an extraordinary career for Agi.

You can follow Agi on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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