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Alana Sukul Shares Striking New Single 'Be Friends'

Pop newcomer, 18-year-old Alana Sukul is back with her new single 'Be Friends', an honest, heartfelt single with heaps of commercial appeal. Viewing her music as a cathartic process, Alana uses her music to express her emotions and gain personal closure.

‘Be Friends’ is both a pop anthem and a sensitive, emotional work that gets in your head and loops round long after first listen. Opening with reverb soaked piano, picked acoustic guitar and deep bass, the track builds gradually towards its mega hook chorus. Topped off with Sukul’s velvety R&B-inflected vocals this track is a clear demonstration of Alana's potential.

Speaking on the new single, Alana said:

"Friendship breakups can sometimes hurt a lot worse than your typical romantic breakup, I hope this song will help listeners to grieve over the loss by dancing it out.”

Listen below:

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