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Alec Hartman is the Rising Bedroom-Pop Artist You Should Be Listening To

We're all looking for that perfect song to be the soundtrack of our summer, right? Well, luckily for us, bedroom pop singer Alec Hartman created it for us all to add to our Spotify playlists. Since the release of his viral breakout Tik-Tok single “Could You Be The One?” rising pop singer/songwriter Alec Hartman is embracing the easy, breezy feeling of summer with "Weekend," a track that makes anyone want to be driving down the PCH in California.

Created in his home studio in Kaukauna, "Weekend" is a perfect glimpse into the music this talented rising artist is making; feel good anthems that are equal parts fun and reflective. Speaking on the track, Hartman states “Weekend is the feel good summer anthem that everyone needs in their music rotation.”

Hailing from Kaukauna, Alec Hartman is an artist destined to set himself apart from others attempting to do what he's already created, released, and accomplished. Easily blending genres and creating intoxicating, infectious melodies in his home studio bedroom, Hartman is a bedroom-pop artist you should be keeping an eye on.

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