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ALESSANA releases stripped-back R&B bop ‘Dirty Bathwater’

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

ALESSANA showcases her unique sound on her latest single ‘Dirty Bathwater.’ Stripped-back R&B tones melt together with pop and soul creating her own signature offering. The track is a divine melting pot of music featuring drums that cut through the mix, with warm synths melting into the backdrop and expressive vocals lying on top.

Talking further about the meaning of the track, ALESSANA shares: “Dirty Bathwater is an ode to men of the past I want to scrub off my skin.

ALESSANA’s career in streetcasting for film & TV merges seamlessly with her self-taught skills as a filmmaker, producer, director and writer, taking from her environment to create visuals that are truly representative of her life. The multi-talented creative is doing something completely original and it is sure to take her far.


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