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Alex Wellkers captivates on his emotive new album 'Fly Away'

Ever since he first emerged, Swiss-artist Alex Wellkers has always looked to project himself as a more prolific artist than most. Turning out a wealth of dazzling EP releases over the past decade, his tenure to date has been filled with provocative and emotive ballads at every turn. And now he looks to continue that exciting direction on his newest studio album 'Fly Away', a record that builds upon that illustrious presence once again.

Exploring more of that powerful pop-rock energy his catalogue has been honing over the years, his newest outing is a broad and riveting return to form throughout. Capturing some brilliantly warm and passionate textures that perfectly heighten his impactful vocals from beginning to end, 'Fly Away' sees him return to the fold with a truly rich and majestic array of delights here.

Things have certainly been extremely busy for him over the years, but there seems to be no end to his adventurous spirit here. 'Fly Away' sees him build upon those enigmatic foundations in his past, and deliver a fresh and vibrant collection, brimming with heartfelt prowess throughout.



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