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Allexa Bash shares her new dark pop single ‘Stay’ from her new album ‘Dark Angels’.

Allexa Bash is sensational on her new ballad ‘Stay’, drawing from her Classical background to create a cinematic, captivating track complete with powerful percussion and an echoing soundscape.

Allexa’s musical skill is undeniable and the Ukrainian artist is quickly proving herself to be a force to be reckoned with. Allexa’s new album ‘Dark Angels’ holds a powerful narrative. Talking about the narrative, Allexa Bash shares: “‘Dark Angels’ is a conceptual album. All songs are connected with each other and it’s a story of a person who has passed through different stages of transformation. Someone who completely gave up on their own ego to be reborn into a better version of themselves.”

It’s no wonder Allexa has captivated listeners with her dark strain of music and her new album has proved once again that she holds a special talent.



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