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Alt-Pop Artist Bohardt Drops Dark New Single 'Manipulated'

Photo credit: Rogie Nelson

US Alt-Pop artist ‘Bohardt’ releases his latest single ‘Manipulated, produced by Stefan Mac (Young The Giant, Cold War Kids). The San Diego-born artist, now based in Orange County, draws inspiration from personal experiences. His music explores a range of dark and intimate topics, including toxic relationships, drug abuse, and the pursuit of self-worth. Through his unique blend of alternative pop sensibilities, Bohardt creates a sound that is distinctly his own.

"Manipulated" continues in this vein, offering a candid exploration of the challenges associated with depression and ADHD, as well as the societal stigmas that surround them. Drawing from his own experiences, Bohardt highlights how denying the existence of mental illness and neurodiversity, or simply remaining ignorant about them, can exacerbate the issue. It creates an environment where individuals are made to feel like the problem. The music reflects this frustration, as Bohardt combines dark synths, distinctive lead guitar lines, grooving drum beats, and impassioned vocals. Clever production techniques, including a vocal filter are used to further emphasize Bohardt's message.

Bohardt elaborates on the concept behind the track, stating, "Because of my challenges with mental health, I encourage people to confront their struggles, challenge negative thoughts, and seek a clearer and more authentic perspective on life."

Beneath the surface of the sombre themes prevalent in his music lies an individual who seeks healing while aiming to uplift others. Music has always been a source of solace for Bohardt since childhood, serving as a guiding light that illuminates his path despite the obstacles. Now, he hopes to shine that same light on his fans, spreading his messages through the unity and celebration of song and dance.


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