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Alt-pop trio Render Ghosts reveal new song ‘Keeping My Number’

Brimming with synth sounds, crystal clear production and addictive lo-fi vocal melodies, ‘Keeping My Number’ is the shining new single from band Render Ghosts. The single candidly explores the demise of a relationship and the messy aftermath.

For a band that are new on the scene, ‘Keeping My Number’ makes for an impressive and dynamic release with an undeniable maturity.

Talking about the new single, Render Ghosts share: “‘Keeping My Number’ was inspired by the songs we were listening to while writing our first album – Jax Jones, Alex Hosking, Dua Lipa and others. Lyrically it’s sassy but bittersweet, with the narrator struggling to make her ex see that their relationship is truly over. The vocal melody was the first part to lock into place, and the rest of the song followed quickly after that, with Tamara’s first vocal take nailing the upbeat mood perfectly. We’ve been really excited by the reaction of friends who heard early mixes of the song – when people start humming your song immediately on the first listen without knowing they're doing it, you know something special is happening.”

Take a listen here!



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