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Alt-rock trio Everafter unveil anthemic new track 'ASAP'

Over the last several years, three-piece rock-band Everafter have been going from strength to strength, honing their live performances by playing key venues in London; including Water Rats in King's Cross, The Half Moon in Putney and The Standard Music Venue in Walthamstow. And alongside this, they have also received airplay on TotalRock Radio and Trust The Doc Radio Show on Exile FM. Now back with their first release of the year, the band have delivered their latest new offering – ‘ASAP’. Another hard-hitting, power-rock ballad, ‘ASAP’ marks the start of an exciting new chapter and series of releases for Everafter.

Written and recorded in January this year, ‘ASAP’ was recorded alongside producer Matt Williams at Soundlab Studios in Debden. Continuing to deliver their signature sound and style, Everafter have once again created a heavy sounding hard rock track with expertly crafted production and a captivating sound and energy. Giving off classic rock vibes, the vibrant soundscape is filled with a rhythmic guitar line that runs throughout, placed seamlessly alongside lead singer Alexis Daperis’ bold and punchy vocals.

Make sure to check out the band's website for more info:

Author: Stevie Carter


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