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  • Alice Smith

Alternative Fusion Artist 'As Per Casper' Unleashes Highly-Anticipated EP 'Flow'

Dubai's genre-defying collective, 'As Per Casper,' led by the enigmatic singer-songwriter Carla Saad, has electrified music enthusiasts with the release of their long-awaited 4-track EP, aptly named 'Flow.' This boundary-pushing group, known for their distinctive fusion of Western and Arabic musical elements, has once again shattered creative barriers to produce a symphonic masterpiece.

The EP's lead single, 'Abnormal,' is a sonic manifesto of As Per Casper's unique identity. Collaborating with long-time partner Font Leroy, the duo crafts an alternative R&B track seamlessly interwoven with captivating melodies, showcasing their signature rich sonic tapestry. When discussing the track, the collective revealed, "The track started out with the intention of flowing, not riding against the tide...trusting what the universe has in store for us."

Carla Saad, the visionary behind As Per Casper, believes fervently in music's power to transcend boundaries and break stereotypes. In a world increasingly divided, the collective sees their music as a bridge for the exchange of ideas and stories, fostering an environment where artists from diverse backgrounds can unite and share their cultural experiences.

Carla herself embodies this cross-cultural ethos, with roots spanning Syrian-Palestinian heritage, connections to the UK, and now Berlin. She intimately understands the wealth of musical diversity present in both Eastern and Western cultures.



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