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  • Alice Smith

Alternative R&B Artist 'august at night' Releases Latest EP 'Moon Sign'

Alternative R&B artist ‘august at night’ releases debut EP ‘Moon Sign’. The independent artist is quickly becoming known for his intimate, unique blend of R&B and Alt-Pop, which features lo-fi production styles and often emotive lyrical content that explores the depths of heartbreak, desire, and spirituality.

‘Moon Sign’ continues this trend, a 4-track EP that encompasses his sound perfectly, opening with ‘Bones’, A dark, seductive track that employs the use of subtle instrumentation to build a rich, indulgent soundscape. Bones is then followed up with the more Alt-Pop influenced ‘We Won’t Talk Again’, a heartfelt track that uses a fingerpicked guitar as a focal point interwoven with soft synth lines as august’s gentle vocal performance takes the forefront.

‘Moon Sign’ the lead single off the EP sees august’s sound change once again as he takes inspiration from the stars with spacy synths that put the listener in a trance-like state mixed with dreamy lead vocals and cinematic production quality. The final track on the EP ‘Too Good’ acts as a bonus track due to be released after the main EP drop.

august at night channels intimacy, honesty, and depth into his unique blend of R&B and Alt-Pop. The artist, who goes by "august" to fans, is the perfect response to shallow times. Drawing inspiration from life’s deepest moments, august seeks to capture what’s hard to put into words. Harnessing a production style that blends lo-fi with lush, august is developing a reputation as a deeply versatile artist. His blend of organic and electronic sounds, and his distinctive, intimate voice, will captivate indie, R&B, and pop fans alike.



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