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"Am I crazy to want your babies?" Claudia Bouvette Unveils new resonating single 'BBZ'

The single is out now worldwide via on all platforms via Bonsound.

Electro pop creative Claudia Bouvette returns with new single 'BBZ'.

The singer-songwriter who's been active in the Quebec cultural landscape for over a decade recently announced her signing to the Montreal-based record label

With BBZ, Claudia tells a story that will resonate with many: one of a forbidden love at first sight between two unavailable people who experience mutual feelings during a trip

Claudia brings a hybrid approach that combines elements of analog instrumentation (synthesizers, bass, electric guitar, drums) and refined digital production.

Instantly catchy, 'BBZ' is packed with colour and verve, an excuse for Claudia to showcase her effervescence.

Check out the video right here.



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