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American artist Azariel Fly unleashes summer infused number 'oxytocin' into the world

Needing new music in your life that will leave you with a huge smile across your face? Look no further because Azariel Fly has released the sound to summer. Taking listeners through a journey of emotions destined to leave you wanting more, 'oxytocin' is an unforgettable release that showcases a powerful future for the artist.

Sharing his thoughts on the track, Azariel Fly states, “oxytocin is a song that brings a pure, joyous vibe to anyone’s day. I want to make people dance and in the song, it expresses the sensations and “emotions humans will feel when they’re experiencing that love & joy.”

Euphoric and enchanting from the get-go, straight to the finish, 'oxytocin' is expressive and one of the most vibrant tracks that have dropped in June.

Add 'oxytocin' to your playlist and be transported to this distinctive safe haven

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