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American artist Tea Sea reveals melodic single 'Vanish'

Emotional and melodic throughout, Tea Sea's new single 'Vanish' is based around an infectious trap-beat that would sit comfortably in today's charts. Tea Sea's vocals are what steal the spotlight and come across as truly empowering. A relatable number in today's society, the track comes at the perfect time for the globe. Speaking about his new single Vanish, Tea Sea shares, “This song is born from loneliness and the feeling of being constantly misunderstood. It's about seeking refuge in something that threatens to utterly destroy you, whatever that vice may be. The bright colors from childhood begin to fade into the background as you grow older and start to see the world for what it really is. We're all animals at the end of the day and this is why our purer instincts tend to scare us -- we like to think of ourselves as better than nature. The darkness in humanity is almost like some kind of foreign monster in and of itself that most people would rather do away with completely. Unfortunately, we'd lose the very thing that keeps us alive in the process.”

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