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Anaté Drops New Track 'Rio'

“Rio” is the newest offering from the duo Anaté comprising of singer/songwriter Anaté and producer Delman, a fresh injection of power pop and salute to the city.

“Rio” is a perfect example of contrasting sounds working together in pure harmony to create a sound that serves the masses. The use of acoustic guitar and textured rhythm create an instrumentation that allows Anaté’s voice to soar above and deliver the beautiful lyrics in trademark fashion. In the times we live in “Rio” is a welcome reminder that life is oftentimes something special and something that needs to be cherished.

Explaining the meaning behind the song and writing process Anaté says, “It’s a song about life, about appreciating every moment, every person we met, every place we’ve seen. It invites us to stop waiting for a divine redemption and start living now because that’s really all we’ve got. The music was written while my producer and I were jamming in the studio one evening and I started reading some lyrics I had already written on my phone. We had such a great time recording and I hope you can feel those good vibes”.

Anaté takes influence from a range of artists and sounds, most notably the likes of Massive Attack and Dido. Coming together as a pair they fuse their contrasting sounds to create music that has a signature flair. Having met in 2019 they have since been recording together and have completely come into their own as they establish themselves as formidable music pairing in the industry.

This is the second offering from the duo this year following the release of previous single “First Time”, both releases an exciting show of what they have to offer in the future.



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