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Exciting downtempo duo Anaté release their latest beautiful track ‘3am’. Dropping April 26th, it’s the fifth single off of their upcoming debut album ‘Confessions’.

“Keeping the idea of duality, which is the concept of our first album, ‘3am’ is a song about an escape from reality in one’s fantasies,” explains Ana. “The lyrics were written in the middle of the night when inspiration hit me, hence the name.

Comprised of singer-songwriter Ana and producer Andrea, Anaté is a product of perfect musical cohesion. ‘3am’ is no different, built on a backbone of live drums in three, and piano chords. Ambient pads weave in and out of the bass and building synth parts, while Ana’s sensuous and haunting vocals take centre-stage.

Recorded in Andrea’s private studio in Milan, it was mixed by Simone Coen and mastered by Giovanni “Meniak” Nebbia, and it is Anaté’s collaboration that makes them so special. After Andrea set out to find a vocalist for a Trip-Hop album, his musical connection with Ana was evident within the first recording, and has led to many successful releases already, including ‘First Time’ which has over 30k streams on Spotify alone. All these singles are building up to the 2021 release of their debut album ‘Confessions’, with both ‘First Time’ and ‘3am’ joined by 3 other released tracks. With 5 more songs to be unveiled and work having started already on their sophomore album, Anaté are certainly one to watch for the rest of 2021 and beyond.



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