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ANATTA, HONÜ, And Fred Paci release chilled dance single 'Steam Rollin'

ANATTA has quickly become one of the pioneers of Minimal House music, presenting a genre and variation of dance that isn't as forceful and hard-hitting, but still is a very enjoyable and seamless listen. He has shared the stage with the likes of MK, Michael Bibi and many more, and he has teamed up with two other artists on chilled number 'Steam Rollin'.

Bass house producer HONÜ and multi-instrumentalist Fred Paci add their own dynamic to this groovy and minimal melancholic track. Fred's trumpets are the real showpiece of the track, alongside the deep lying bass from HONÜ and ANATTA's synonymous sound which has made him so popular, makes for an easy listening and cool listen to soundtrack your day.

Listen to 'Steam Rollin' here:



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