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Andrew Ash is set to get you up and grooving in his latest single ‘I Think I’m Ready For Love'

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Andrew Ash has never shied away from being his true self, and this can be found within his music. The Portland singer has a knack of creating his own sound, whilst being extremely proud of his influences. Olly Alexander, Phil Collins and Katy Perry all merge together to create this unique sound, all executed with his Andrew Ash goggles on. Andrew strives for his music to connect and be safe space in which his audience can find solace in. Andrew himself is a proud, openly gay man and has recently performed on the mainstage at Portland Pride, showing that his music is doing just that - reaching to people who have had similar situations to him.

His latest offering ‘Ready For Love’ comes in the form of a playful single. Drums layer the bottom and create an irresistible groove, also forging an irresistible rhythmic partnership when placed alongside the synths that feature on the track. The instrumentation aims to fuse together contemporary sounds and his 80s influences. His vocals pierce through the mix, packed with energy and narrating well-penned lyrics.

Speaking further about the track Andrew says: “The chorus just formed naturally, without a lot of thought, and it wasn’t based on anything relevant in my life, until I started working on the verses. I dated a lot in my 20’s, kissed a bunch of frogs, sabotaged my own relationships, felt an insane amount of heartbreak, feared commitment, I was all over the place. I then found someone who changed how I treated relationships, they made me a better person, they challenged me, they were the real deal, and they made me want to give up on my old ways, try harder, and lean into the commitment that I was so afraid of.”

Irresistible music, positive messages and a safe space for all - Andrew Ash has got everything it takes to climb to the top. With everything in the right place, it's a matter of when he’s going to get to the top, not if.

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