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Andy Smythe showcases his latest album with 'Don't Be A Fool'

Earlier this year, London's Andy Smythe released his highly-praised stuido album 'Poetry In Exile', a record bustling with bright and procative emotion. And with that release still doing the rounds, he is looking to highlight one of its more vibrant additions, the captivating 'Don't Be A Fool'.

While certainly one to explore a diverse array of textures within his work, his latest endeavour feels extremely close to the indie-folk core of his aesthetic to date. With this rich and illuminating atmosphere that sits ever so comfortably alongside his enticing vocal style throughout, 'Don't Be A Fool' is another shining example of his proficient songwriting over the last few years.

Very much following in the footsteps of Bob Dylan here, 'Don't Be A Fool' is one of the more heartfelt entries on his latest full-length. Moving with such ease and elegance across it, Andy Smythe continues to venture into some of the more spellbinding tones within his career to date.



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