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  • Ellie McGuire

Angie Perera Presents New Single ‘Rent’

Angie Perera’s debut single ‘Rent’ is a testament to her adding a fresh perspective to the music industry. 

Pop and R&B influences can be found throughout ‘Rent’. The song, which is about bidding farewell to former partners and embracing oneself, is a unique blend of melodic poetry, South Asian percussion, and Western bass.

The catchy, upbeat production of ‘Rent’ includes a variety of percussion instruments, bongos, keyboard, and bass. Angie Perera's mesmerising vocals, which draw in listeners from the first note, are combined with the meticulous orchestration.

This song's poignant lyrics were composed first, much like all of her others, with the assistance of her brilliant producer SincerelyMace. They started playing with the piano keys, which they finally used to create the strong bass that formed the basis of the song. Angie Perera included layers upon layers of vocals and, of course, her beloved bongos to further evoke her Sri Lankan-Malawian roots.

To create a sound that is both modern and classic, Angie Perera incorporates pop and R&B from South Asia with elements of her diverse background as a Sri Lankan-Malawian. Her powerful narrative and emotional depth are evident in her song, which has the potential to connect with listeners everywhere. She is well-positioned to have a big impact on the music industry because of her distinctive sound and message, which appeals to a broad audience.

On the song, Angie Perera says, “If you want to get inside of my head, you better pay rent.”


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