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  • FLEX Staff

Angus Parkin releases the perfect modern love song ‘Commitment’

Angus Parkin’s track ‘Commitment’ is the perfect modern love song off his debut album ‘It’s a Chemical Thing’.

With lustrous melodic pop vocals with whistful harmonies playfully entwined throughout, the track provides a feel-good vibe from beginning to end. The combination of instruments including luminous keys and synths as well as guitar riffs create an element of familiarity, while electronic nods and stellar production add an extra sparkle to the already phenomenally catchy track.

The tracks divine lyricism combined with the catchy melody is overwhelmingly infectious, we were already singing the track by the end of my first listen. Angus explained more about the track: "The inspiration behind this track is that feeling of knowing something is right. You don't need to rush it, or take it a bit slow - it's in that goldilox zone. Everything is just right, and you're ready to commit 100% to it."

Such an impressive start with his debut album as our interest peaked, we’re already looking forward to what’s next Angus.


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