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Anne Reburn releases 5 track EP 'Everywhere and Nowhere'

Following the recent release of the lighthearted and fun single ‘Dammit All’, singer-songwriter Anne Reburn returns with her EP ‘Everywhere and Nowhere’. For Anne the EP is a collection of songs inspired by her adventures and misadventures in love during her first years in LA. The 5 track EP perfectly encompasses Anne’s delectable and quirky demeanor with colloquial lyrics that make her songs that much more relatable. ‘Everywhere and Nowhere’ is the perfect set of songs for those trying to untangle the confusing nature of our modern love.

Listen to 'Everywhere and Nowhere' HERE

Anne reflects on lead track ‘Unread’ from the EP:

“Do you know those people that always have hundreds of unread texts and 999+ unread emails in their inbox? Maybe you are one of those people. ‘Unread’ is a song about being on the other side, among those unread messages.”

Growing up singing, dancing and playing the piano from a young age, her music is filled with this youthful and playful passion - transforming the monotony of the everyday into engaging, intimate narratives.

Recently moving from Oklahoma to Los Angeles, Anne curated songs throughout her adolescence that she initially felt too afraid to share with anybody, before gaining the confidence to embrace her artistic agency. Alongside her eponymous YouTube channel, which holds 350,000 subscribers and over 41 million views, Anne’s ability to connect with others through song offers us a glimpse into her musical realm.

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