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Annie Anna returns with the tender new single 'Drowning'

Photo: Marcea Corbin

When she first emerged with her breakthrough debut single 'Diamond In The Rough' in 2018, Tucson-based singer-songwriter Annie Anna was greeted as one of the more passionate names to emerge that year. Following it up with her outstanding sophomore effort 'Loaded Gun' the year after, she was quickly heading in a firm and focused direction. But now after a four-year break from new material, she looks to make her eagerly-awaited return with the tender new single 'Drowning'.

Much like her output to date, 'Drowning' is a wonderfully immersive listen, bubbling with bright and euphoric textures from beginning to end. Bringing back more of that progressive intention she first arrived with, this long-awaited comeback shows that she still has plenty of riveting ideas to add to her passionate repertoire to date.

It may have come after a four-year break from the scene, but 'Drowning' stands as one of her more confident releases so far. Inspired by her own story of being under the control of another, she has returned with a glorious anthem for those that sometimes feel trapped under the thumb of those they love.

Enjoy 'Drowning' below.



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