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Apidae drops new single “Never Gonna Leave Your Side”

Apidae is producer Greg Hummell’s musical moniker. His sound sees him blend together multiple inspirations and influences to create a colourful and unique offering. Having relocated from Kent to London, Apidae’s career has gone from strength to strength.

“Never Gonna Leave Your Side” is Apidae’s latest single. “Never Gonna Leave Your Side” features a colourful melting pot of danceable beats, impactful synths and softly-penned but infectious vocals. The track perfectly blends heartwarming and infectious together perfectly.

Speaking about this, he says: “Never Gonna Leave Your Side perhaps best epitomises the album-running sonic theme of natural, pure, organic acoustic instrumentation juxtaposed against very un-human, synthetic sounds and noises. It’s built around a squelchy, sequenced modular synthesiser hook, which squeals away alongside soft, felt piano chords, harmonies from singer-songwriter and collaborator Mazlyn, and a four-to-the-floor, disco groove. The track is lyrically influenced by Don DeLilo’s novel ‘White Noise’, and is about medicating against fears (and the futility of seeking to bury such things). Musically, it’s informed by Jai Paul, Jon Hopkins, Sylvan Esso, James Blake.”

Stockholm-based independent label Dumont Dumont signed Apidae and, with a powerful partnership, we cannot wait to see what 2023 brings.


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