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  • Paul Riley

Arliston Return With Stunning New Track “Mothering”

After a brief hiatus, Arliston are back with brand-new single “Mothering”, a melting pot of delicate textures, with piano and guitar interlocking to create a current that ebbs and flows to the very last note. “Mothering”, mixed and mastered by Brett Shaw at 123 studios, brings with it a sense of maturity, both in the lyrics and the production. With each listen the song grows and reveals more of itself.

“I’m so happy with how this one came together”, says George Hasbury of Arliston. “We always try to keep a lid on the productions; it’s too easy nowadays to use all the toys on every song! But with ‘Mothering’ I think we’ve managed to get a real sense of groove and momentum into such a small arrangement.”

“Mothering” is the first release from the band’s forthcoming EP, Even In the Shade, which will be released later this year. With Intricate production and pervasive musicianship, the EP is an exciting prospect for Arliston fans awaiting their next instalment of soul-warming digital pop.

“Mothering” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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