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Asia Ward releases melancholic single ‘heartstrings (voice memo)’

Chiago-hailing Asia Ward, is bringing her contemporary R&B sound to the forefront with fierce independence. Influenced by bedroom indie and electronic music, her self-reflective sound has proven to help her audience relate to her music, hanging on every word of her well-penned lyricism. Inspired by a trip to NYC where she met established singers, producers and songwriters, she crossed the US to search for her signature sound.

The latest step on this journey is ‘heartstrings (voice memo)’. Soft and beautiful, you can picture the scene as Asia plays her guitar. The gentle melodies, the traffic in the background and a bewitchingly natural vocal performance see her dance around moments of relationships. The demo feel improves the connection between listener and music, it all becomes genuine in its simplicity, lacing melancholic emotions onto the audience.

Asia adds, “This is a song that kinda just fell out of me. I was sitting on my couch with a guitar playing random chords and the majority of the melody and lyrics came within 30 minutes. At first I didn’t understand where the song came from but after talking with my therapist that week, it made sense.

‘heartstrings’ is about realizing when a relationship is at the end of its rope, but every time you’re face to face with them you forget why.”



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