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Astles releases the truly heartwarming ‘This One’s For You’

Hailing from the sleepy seaside town of Southport, Daniel Astles, who goes by just Astles as a musician, is a writer known for the warmth of his gorgeous orchestration. On stage, he is joined by the Balloon Moon Orchestra, a 10-piece band that helps to bring the arrangements to life. This distinctive sound has led him to be hailed by a range of publications, and be awarded PRS Momentum Funding to help skyrocket his career. A love of 70s analogue production feeds into the nostalgia and beauty of his music.

The latest release from Astles is new single ‘This One’s For You’, a track that captures you with a luxuriant atmosphere, painted with flowing string harmonies, twinkling piano melodies, gentle but consistent and grooving bass. This setting is topped with Astles vocal performance, emotionally speaking on themes of love, with all the deep connection of a true love can bring. It’s inspiring, heart-warming and features bewitching instrumentation, there isn’t anything to dislike!

Astles explains the release, “‘This One’s For You’ is a song about realising how lucky I am to have wonderful people in my life. It's quite easy sometimes to sit and be unhappy with how things play out, how life doesn't quite go the way you would like at points. But I have beautiful inspiring people around me everyday who chose to spend their time, efforts and life with me. So maybe I’m doing better than I'd like to think sometimes.

‘This One’s For You’ is a love song, an unwanted gift almost! I have written 100’s of songs for and about the people I love and I'm sure they’re fed up with it by now. But then moments when I feel truly understood and loved, I always find myself going to write a song. There is no safer and inspiring feeling than being truly yourself. And the ones you love get you to that place time and time again.”



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