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AstroYeti Shine On Debut Album 'Gnarly Gumlie's Voodoo Van'

Every so often you hear a band that sounds like they're truly enjoying the music they're making, having fun and enjoying their craft, it makes for such a rewarding listen.

AstroYeti are a prime example of this. The new album 'Gnarly Gumlie's Voodoo Van' possesses a fluorescent, joyous and mystic aura that it's hard not to enjoy. From the bright, funky, fun loving bop 'Long Road' to the ska and dub influenced 'Box Wine' and the slow burner 'Blazed', the 3 piece showcase brilliantly freeing, vibrant soundscapes encompassing layers of guitar riffs, swelling organs and bright brass under the ever charismatic, smokey lead vocals.

Showcasing catchy songwriting, some brilliant musical breaks and an overwhelming sense of fun, it's like listen to the band having one of the best jam sessions you've ever heard across 10 tracks of cosmic, psychedelic and infectiously danceable musical adventures.

'Gnarly Gumlie's Voodoo Van' is out now via Conch Town Records. Listen below:

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