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Austin-Based Songstress and Mental Health Advocate Tina Rix Releases Empowering Single "Champion"

Blending the multiple sounds of the diaspora, in addition to fusing modern R&B, Gospel and pop the Texan creates a genre that is uniquely her own.” - New Music Weekly

Credit: Tina Rix

Independent, genre-bending, Nigerian-American songstress Tina Rix is back with her latest single, “Champion,” off of her highly successful debut LP No Looking Back. The track is a motivational anthem that puts listeners in the mood to become their own warrior. Mixed with hints of Afrobeat, contemporary R&B, and radio-ready pop, “Champion” is infectiously catchy. Rix’s smooth vocals lead us through the lyrical affirmations. “Don’t stop ‘till you reach the top,” she reminds listeners.

Texas-based Tina Rix knows a thing or two about the importance of uplifting others; she is a licensed psychotherapist, outpatient mental health clinic owner, award-winning film director, and Soulful

Music Awards 2022 winner. Following a lifelong musical talent, all of her releases are reflective of her true passion - to promote inner healing. The message clearly resonates with listeners from all life paths. Standout track “Foul Play” has hit 150k streams and No Looking Back has been streamed nearly 50k times in the past month on Spotify alone. With Rix’s “Music and Mental Health '' docu-series, she has created a platform for Austin, TX musicians, artists, non-profit organizations, and business owners to discuss what mental health means to them, all the while performing and healing others their music.

“Champion” is the perfect soundtrack for any difficult situation, from a particularly challenging workout to a life-changing decision. No matter what you’re dealing with, Tina Rix’s reminder that, “You’re getting stronger by the things that don’t kill you,” is sure to set your mood right and make you move.

"Champion" is out now across streaming platforms.

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