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Australia's Kaiwyn shines on the sweeping new single 'The Cut After The First'

Updated: May 23, 2023

Photo: Roger Chambers

When he first emerged with his breakthrough debut single 'Dedicated To You' last year, Australian singer-songwriter Kaiwyn was quickly greeted as one of the more heartfelt names emerging that year. Following things up with his emotive sophomore outing 'You're My Kind (Just Be Mine)' in the months afterwards, he is now looking to build upon that progressive start with his sweeping new single 'The Cut After The First'.

Continuing to pursue the emotionally-charged energy he displayed in his initial offerings, 'The Cut After The First' is another powerfully heartwarming addition to his ever-growing catalogue to date. With his light yet euphoric voice elegantly spread across a shimmering pop production throughout, he is once again delivering a truly memorable insight into his uplifting songwriting prowess.

While his output so far may still be within its infancy, there is something about 'The Cut After The First' that sees him maturing emotionally far faster than others in his field. With such a sublime and sun-kissed approach to his latest release, we are definitely going to be keeping a firm eye on everything he has to offer in the months ahead as well.

Enjoy 'The Cut After The First' below.


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