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  • Alice Smith

Author 'Griff Griffiths' Releases Captivating Book 'I Was The King of Spain'

Writing with a candour and honesty that makes his escapades totally compelling, the author takes his audience on a literary rollercoaster that prompts in them a raft of emotions – from astonishment to poignancy, and belly laugh guffaws to shedding a tear. Born into a close-knit, large family from Notting Hill ‘Griff’ has been a market trader, tyre fitter, professional musician, artist, entrepreneur, furniture dealer, comedian, songwriter, a father, and Lifelong mental health sufferer - Institutionalised believing he was the king of Spain. Hear about a bizarre drug deal involving Beatles photographer Bob Freeman and Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant in a Marrakech street market. Sexual encounters with one of Kid Creoles Coconuts! Business dealings with the Krays, breaking up a fight with 80s heart-throb, Rick Astley, saving the life of one of the rap duo Salt-n-Pepa at a London Smash hits party, to fooling experts in the world of antiques.

Louder than War - ‘The more things that go awry in these pages in fact, the more you feel your eyes swiftly lighting up like fireflies.’

Punktuation Magazine - It is the sort of book you can randomly dip into, as each page contains a new insight or story…will be enjoyed by anyone interested in recent music history, although possibly not by some of those mentioned in his tales!

Griffiths also co-produced and directed the documentary Are They Hostile? Voted 3rd best film of 2022 by Vive Le Rock. A gritty feature-length documentary on the Croydon Punk, and New Wave scene between 1977 to 1980 featuring crucial bands such as The Bad Actors, The Straps, The Daleks and The Marines. I Was The King of Spain - Published by Olympia Publishers, is available in paperback (£8.99) and Kindle format (£2.99 or free via Kindle Unlimited) on Amazon at It is also available to purchase at WH Smith / Waterstones / Blackwell’s / The Book Depository and the publishers.



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