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AZSH releases new single 'Everybody Wants To Go Outside'

AZSH are trying to reinvent their corner of the industry and are succeeding as they blur the genre lines between EDM and Pop.

'Everybody Wants To Go Outside' is a new summertime bop produced by O.I.AM that features bouncy synths and impactful lyrics. The song is penned upon a strong rhythmic backbone that is infectious and is a definite crowd pleaser that discusses the importance of self-expression.

Speaking about this they share: "The song is about freedom of expression, a challenge to be yourself and embrace your individuality even if the climate doesn’t support your decision, getting out of the box, getting out from under the expectations of others, and supporting each other."

Following its release, AZSH also plans on holding a video premiere party, radio contest, and other social media giveaways. Listeners can follow and join AZSH’s mailing list to be notified of the upcoming events and join the celebration.

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