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B-E-Z drops introspective track ‘Ghetto Portrait’

Bristol born and based rapper, producer and songwriter B-E-Z is working his way into the industry with a motivation and work ethic that sets him apart from the crowd. He tells real to life stories through his music, taking influence from UK Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dance Hall, Grime, Jazz and RnB to add to his sound. Constantly engaging with his past and culture, he dives deep into emotions and scenarios that surround him.

B-E-Z’s latest offering is introspective and lyrical new single ‘Ghetto Portrait’. It details a day in the life of B-E-Z in the city and area he grew up with, hitting us with heavy writing that comments on the difficulties he saw during this time. He lays this effortless flow over a warm, melancholic beat, featuring a lo-fi piano, rattly tops and a punchy kick drum. Heartfelt in delivery, B-E-Z continues to show his prowess for drawing in audiences with his music.

B-E-Z explains, “The song is a great example of life in urban inner city, it incorporates storytelling and describes to the listener what you might see, what you might experience and gives an insight into the mentality of someone from these areas and situations. The music is mellow but bouncy and is a perfect canvas for the song.”



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