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Babygirl announce new EP 'Losers Weepers'

Following on from a wealth of fresh and captivating releases these last few years, Babygirl have now returned to announce the details behind their forthcoming new EP 'Losers Weepers', which drops on the 16th April via Sandlot Records.

Previewed by the new lead single 'Nevermind', it feels as though their are returning in some of their best form yet. Continuing their bold and dynamic sound throughout, this new release sets things up brilliantly for what we can expect from their newest collection.

Speaking about 'Nevermind', they said, “‘Nevermind’ is about being let down, and then pretending like you never cared to begin with. The lyrics come from a defensive and cynical place, so we wanted the chorus melody to have a sweetness to counterbalance that. The production on it is inspired by 90’s rock and britpop — artists like Oasis, Bends-Era Radiohead, and Elliott Smith were definitely on our minds while making it.”

Watch the Live From The Opera House video for 'Nevermind' and see the EP's full tracklist below.

'Losers Weepers' Tracklist:

1. Easy

2. Nevermind

3. You Were in My Dream Last Night

4. Today Just Isn’t My Day

5. Million Dollar Bed

6. A Little Bit Closer

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