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Bad Mother Nature unveil the captivating new single 'A Thousand Days'

Ever since they first broke through with their well-received 2018 debut EP 'Strange Weather', Sacramento-based outfit Bad Mother Nature have always looked to pursue a more riveting direction. Churning out a wealth of captivating cuts in the years since, they continue to find fresh and innovative ideas to pursue as they deliver their captivating new single 'A Thousand Days'.

As the final entry in their newly released EP 'A Thousand Days Of Desert Rain And Madness', their latest outing provides a truly monumental moment in their catalogue to date. With its bold and progressive aesthetic that explodes into a roaring harmony of vibrant vocals and soaring guitars, 'A Thousand Days' could end up going down as their most anthemic effort to date.

While their newest EP certainly adds a vital layer to their ever-evolving repertoire so far, 'A Thousand Days' is the cornerstone of where their sound has been moving towards all these years. With such an impactful and cacophonous appeal throughout, it feels like Bad Mother Nature could soon become the household names they thoroughly deserve to be.

Enjoy the new video for 'A Thousand Days' below.


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