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Ballin' Jacks unveil new single 'Tunnel Vision'

Whether you're a finger-clicker or a foot-tapper, you're sure to join in with this irresistible new release from London band Ballin' Jacks.

Blending elements of old school rock and roll with delightful pop melodies, their new single 'Tunnel Vision' is yet another offering from the five-piece that sets them aside from a lot of other artists out there right now.

'Tunnel Vision' is the third single release from the innovative indie outfit, with plenty more to come we can't wait to hear what's next.

The unstoppable force of Ballin’ Jacks are Rudy Blu (Vocals/Guitar), George Adams (Guitar/Vocals), Freddie Waxman (Piano/Vocals), Euan Dean (Bass) and Joao Grazi (Drums).



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