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BALTHAZARD & Mik Ivy collaborate on pop anthem ‘Prince’

London-based, Swiss-born artists BALTHAZARD and Mik Ivy are impressive musicians in their own right. BALTHAZARD being a renowned live-drummer turned DJ, with multiple global appearances under his belt, as well as co-producing and writing with other artists. Mik Ivy is a singer-songwriter that refuses to be put into a box, embracing and pushing forward all genres he is influenced by.

The two have come together for a new single, ‘Prince’, the track is instantly driving, with a focus on the drums powering through the instrumentation. We are then hit with an eclectic mix of instrumentation jumping round one another. Synths, electric guitar and bass all have individually interesting parts that come together to form a track that you can enjoy each element of but creates an amazing sound when brought together.

On the new release, they share:

“We wrote the song speaking from the perspective of the pretend cool kid, describing what it’s like being the life of the party, whilst not wanting to even be there, a bittersweet yet contagious feeling of euphoria, superimposed with the silky, vintage-inspired musical foundation, which results in an addictive harmony of chaotic yet controlled groove. We wanted to provide a throwback right to the golden age of superstardom and the over-the-top regality of performers from that era. A must for any self-respecting party you’ll be throwing this summer, this project will have you and all your friends hitting replay as soon as that last chorus ends with its signature ‘so smooth’.”

The smooth, confident performances from two exciting new artist leaves a track that is ripe for the sound of the summer.



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