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Barton Hartshorn returns with the gorgeous narrative of ‘The King of my Undoing’

Barton Hartshorn, a singer-songwriter hailing from the English village bearing his name, is an artist who has taken his early influences and folk roots and morphed them into an incredible storytelling ability. After fronting the band Dictafone and releasing three albums with the band, Barton returned to his traditional originals with solo albums ‘Headquarter Café’ and ‘I Died of Boredom & Came Back As Me.’ His success in Europe led to tours across the US, followed by further albums ‘Not What I Expected To Hope For’ and ‘Manchester Sun.’ Now, Barton embarks on a new project, with new EP ‘Everything…’ looming on the horizon.

Before the full release, fans are treated to teaser single ‘The King of my Undoing’, the energised self-assured anthem that speaks to defying your own anxiety and taking charge of your own mind. Barton tells this intricate story through gorgeous metaphors and dynamic instrumental arrangements. His vocal performance allows him to act as a narrator, whilst the ensemble of piano, guitar and drums all push the lead line into a glowing musical context. As each element grows and grooves, the chorus drives home the themes of the track, presenting it to the listener through vivid frequencies.

Barton explains what the track is all about, “That voice at the back of your head thinks he’s in control, thinks he’s wearing the crown. Let’s see what happens if we give him the microphone. Who knows…maybe he’s right, maybe we’ll learn something. Let’s roll tape on this one…give him his 15 minutes of fame, then maybe, just maybe he’ll shut the f**k up.”



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