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BATHTUB showcase powerful new sound on latest single "Gameplay"

Band BATHTUB is only made up of two musicians, but listening to their thrashing sound, you'd think it would be far more. Hailing from Manchester, the duo have already received some important accolades. To name only a couple, they've received over 250k streams across all streaming platforms and landed features in the likes of CLOUT and RGM. BATHTUB are bridging the gap between them and their audience by writing songs that listeners can find solace within, touching on topics such as heartbreak, existentialism and uncertainty.

Their latest single "Gameplay" is no different, and comes in the form of a thrashing rock anthem. Instrumentally, the band manage to create a distorted wall of noise that sounds larger-than-life. Vocals are hard-hitting and smash through the mix with rock sensibilities.

Speaking about the single, they say: “GAMEPLAY is a powerful and sarcastic track written in response to gatekeepers in the underground modern-rock scene. The chorus details how all artists are effectively playing the same game, and that it’s such a shame that individuals would rather bring young bands down rather than support them. Every artist deserves to be treated with the same amount of respect. The song ponders whether the band will ever escape the rat race, or whether all their hard work and passion will eventually go to waste, poisoned by the toxicity of the music industry.”

With a growing audience and fantastic music, we cannot wait to see where they'll take this.


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