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BB Cooper's new track 'In My Dreams' is a thing of dreams

BB Cooper's anonymity brings a sense of intense honesty seeping through in his tracks - knowing that, try as they might, fans are left grasping at straws looking for his true identity - means that Cooper can be as raw in his story-telling as he likes.

This particular track, In My Dreams, inspired by one of the singer's favourite films Inception, flickers between a romance that is vastly different in his dreams than it is in reality.

Cooper says that “The narrative flickers back and forth between the real world and the dream world. It’s all in the lyrics this time. From the line ‘ no energy’ being the real world and ‘see my energy…’ the dream one, among others that you can listen and work through”.

With conflicting narratives within the track, and an fast-paced yet eerie production; this is a strong track from BB Cooper, which meddles with lyrical parallels whilst simultaneously being baring a narrative that is easy to understand and relate to for the audience.



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