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Bear Beat brings back an immersive sound on new single 'Prism'

Over the last year or so, emerging producer and DJ Bear Beat has been on an exceptional rise. Despite only beginning his journey in 2022, he has already churned out a wealth of broad and immersive offerings, and now looks to continue that ascent with the release of his vibrant new single 'Prism'.

Capturing more of those rich and lucid tones he is quickly becoming synonymous for, 'Prism' marks the latest in a riveting array of gems that strike a beautifully atmospheric tone. While he isn't one to garner attention through brash and explosive energy, instead his newest offering simmers and sweeps as it plays, allowing the audience to lean in and truly experience its full effect.

While very much on the more ethereal side of his spectrum to date, 'Prism' stands as a wonderfully composed and arranged addition to his ever-growing catalogue. Brimming with bright and innovative textures throughout, he feels like he is truly coming into his own on this one.

Enjoy 'Prism' below.


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