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Bear Beat returns with the dynamic new single 'Bring You Down'

Over the last year or so, emerging producer Bear Beat has cemented himself as one of the more enigmatic names on the rise. With a sound that likes to dabble in a whole host of diverse genres and aesthetics, he is quickly becoming known as an unpredictable force on the scene as he returns with his dynamic new single 'Bring You Down'.

Creating this wonderfully broad and diverse direction that begins as a tranquil DnB effort before switching gears into a more trance-focused arena, 'Bring You Down' could end up becoming his most eclectic and adventurous offering to date. With this brilliantly inventive spirit laced throughout each beat and bassline, he exhibits some explosive ideas and interesting textures that set him apart from almost everyone else right now.

While this new offering arrives after an already prolific spell for the producer, 'Bring You Down' still manages to establish itself within his blossoming catalogue to date. Brimming with a rare flair for atmospheric undertones, Bear Beat is definitely a name worth checking out sooner rather than later.

Enjoy 'Bring You Down' below.



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