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Beau James Wilding shares momentous single ‘Here There Be Dragons’

California-hailing songwriter Beau James Wilding captures his intense emotional relationship with music through a notable blend of punk, folk, blues and traditional music. This sound is the perfect bed for his distinctive gravelly vocal tones, able to tell heartfelt stories with high energy engaging performances. His career of over a decade releasing music includes three albums Violet of the Pacific (2014), The Amor Fati of Crazy Cloud (2019), and most recently seeing I god (2023).

Beau’s most recent release, however, is the fiery new single ‘Here There Be Dragons’. Immediately darting through fast-paced acoustic rhythms and powerful drones, frenzied guitar licks and intense, raspy vocals the track has a constant sense of momentousness that doesn’t seem to leave the listener alone for a second. This drives everything forward, roaring through each bar and firing movement across the body. Beneath the initial layer lies a heartfelt story of dark emotions, making good of life yourself and being empowered to take control.

Beau reflects on the track, ”I wrote “Here There Be Dragons” at a very low point in my life. I wanted to write something to pick myself up off of the ground. I wanted to write something that reminded me I could fly. And ultimately, if I can remind myself I can fly, if I can choose to have hope, then maybe other people might be inspired to feel that as well. It’s a reminder to stay the course on your own path, to avoid getting seduced by the devils or the angels. Hence the lyric “Get back Satan, I’m tired of your lies. Get back angels too with your crucifix disguise…” I don’t necessarily believe in an ultimate good, with the exception possibly of a genuine interest in the well being of others. Nor do I believe in running from supposed evil. I believe in finding, carving out or even hacking away at your own path, continually discovering yourself, your bliss, your flow and your relationship to the universe.”



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