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  • Paul Riley

Beau Turrentine Shares "Gotta Setta Limit"

Emerging from the heartland of Oklahoma City, country and rock n' roll artist Beau Turrentine blazes onto the music scene with his scorching debut single, "Gotta Setta Limit." This aggressive and seductive rock & roll anthem serves as a powerful introduction to Turrentine's self-titled debut album, showcasing his unapologetic exploration of personal vices and vendettas. With production by the renowned Beau Bedford at Modern Electric Studios in Dallas, TX, Turrentine's raw talent takes center stage, promising a thrilling journey for fans of both genres.

Beau Turrentine's "Gotta Setta Limit" ignites with an electrifying energy that grabs your attention from the very first chord. At just 24 years old, Turrentine possesses a maturity and confidence in his sound that surpasses his age, and it becomes evident in this striking debut single. Blending the raw power of rock n' roll with the storytelling prowess of country music, Turrentine delivers a potent sonic cocktail that demands your full attention.

The track bursts forth with a searing guitar riff that sets the stage for Turrentine's gritty and impassioned vocals. His voice exudes a captivating blend of vulnerability and determination, perfectly embodying the emotional journey of self-discovery and restraint that "Gotta Setta Limit" encapsulates. With lyrics that delve deep into the dark corners of personal struggles, Turrentine fearlessly confronts his own vices and demons, allowing listeners to connect with his raw honesty on a profound level.

Behind the scenes, the masterful production work of Beau Bedford elevates Turrentine's performance to new heights. Bedford's impressive resume speaks for itself, having worked with notable acts such as The Band Perry, Paul Cauthen, and The Texas Gentleman. In collaboration with Turrentine, Bedford brings out the full force of the artist's vision, expertly capturing the intensity and urgency of the song's themes. The rich layers of instrumentation and meticulously crafted arrangement create a sonic landscape that mirrors the turmoil within Turrentine's lyrics, leaving an indelible impact.

Having recently completed a successful tour opening for country superstar Orville Peck, Turrentine's experiences on the road have undoubtedly shaped his artistic growth. This exposure to larger audiences has honed his ability to captivate listeners with his electrifying stage presence and magnetic charisma. With "Gotta Setta Limit," Turrentine has managed to channel that live energy into a recording that oozes with passion and conviction.



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