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  • Alice Smith

Beldon Haigh's 'Any Way You Want It': A Rock Anthem for the Modern World"

Are you ready to be electrified this spooky season? Beldon Haigh has something special in store for you with their latest release, "Any Way You Want It". This high-energy rock song delves into the intricacies of dysfunctional relationships, exploring the pitfalls of narcissism, willful blindness, gradual revelation, and, ultimately, awakening. It's a poignant offering in a world marked by individualism and consumerism as a numbing anesthetic.

"At the end of the day, I'm gonna give you it any way you want it," sings the charismatic lead vocalist, Justin Skelton, in a chorus that will reverberate in your mind long after the song ends. What "it" is, however, is entirely up to you, the listener. Yet, in the giving, there lies an underlying theme of unhealthy sacrifice, a reflection of our growing awareness that we might be living in a world that very few of us truly desire.

But the excitement doesn't end with the music alone. The music video is a wild ride, full of smoke, fire, and special effects. It incorporates the band's infamous masks, transforming them into zombified versions of political figures like Trump, Putin, and Kim Jong. Their zombie dances and other antics add a layer of humor that helps you better understand the song's underlying message. It's a package that's bound to leave you entertained and wanting more.


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